How to Cache and Boost WordPress Performance

Want to boost your site performance? Learn how to do it by activating caching in your site. With a simply and clean plugin and as always in a couple of minutes. Let’s not forget about the small extra for fixing Google Analytics!.

How to Make any Element Fixed – Divi Builder

Want to learn how to make any Section / Row / Module fixed? So whenever you scroll the element stays in there with you! Learn how to achieve this trick in a couple of minutes with R2D2 help!.

How to Maintain a WordPress Site Clean

Hello everyone, is time to talk about how can you clean your WordPress site for a better maintenance, optimization and security purposes in just a couple of minutes once again!

How to Add a CTA to the Divi Menu

Welcome everyone! This time I will show you how easy you can create an awesome CTA button for your Divi Menu. Again as like always everything in a couple of minutes! Let’s get started.

How to Change the Divi Hamburger Menu Icon

Do you ever wanted to change the default Divi Hamburger Menu Icon for a custom logo or other image? I will show you how to get it done in just a couple of minutes. Let’s get started!

How to add SVG images without a plugin

Forget about plugins and get ready with SVG images, allow WordPress to use SVG images and go to the next level. No code skills required, just a copy paste!

How to create a Divi Child Theme

Learn how to make a WordPress Divi Child Theme in just some minutes. Develop better websites by giving your client their own Child Theme, they will love it, also it allow you to add more functionality to your site and improve it far beyond.

How to hide the Divi Header and Footer

Welcome to another 5 min Divi trick, this time you will learn how to hide the Divi header and footer on your entire site or in any page or post of your site.

Unlimited column layout Divi Builder

Learn how to make an unlimited column layout using the Divi builder, no coding skills required!. Follow this steps and you will have any number of columns in 5 minutes, ah and it’s totally responsive!