How to Maintain a WordPress Site Clean

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The next plugin WP-SWEEP.

Cleaning Themes and Plugins

WordPress by default already comes with some plugins and themes. (This can vary depending on your hosting, since some of them has extra plugin or themes they inlude in the WP installation.)

I am sure you all know this 3 themes and 2 plugins:

Deleting all unused Themes and Plugins will result in a cleaner site.

I have to say from my personal experience I saw sites with 20 Themes installed and a lot of plugins.

This is not a good practice at all, and can hurt your site performance, also it will increase the size of your site making backups bigger.

Be always sure you have just have 2 Themes Parent + Child ( Most of the cases you will only need this 2 ), and about your plugins think about the use you give to them and if they are really necessary to be there.

Cleaning and Optimizing the Database

WordPress creates and saves a lot of drafts and revisions while working on your sites, this is useless content that can be deleted once we finish the page or post.

Among drafts and revisions it joins, orphaned data, deleted comments, unused terms, duplicated content or transient options.

So let’s see how to get rid of them and clean WordPress, first of all download the plugin at the top WP-SWEEP and install it.

Activate it, and from the WP Dashboard go to Tools -> Sweep.

Attention!! This plugin will not delete any important data, I’ve used it a lot of times and for now 0 problems, I have to say too that if you want to feel safer first you can make a backup.

Check what you have in there and sweep it one by one or with the sweep all button at the end.

Now you know how to maintain clean your WordPress Site!

Don’t forget about having all up to date, old plugins or themes or WordPress versions are open doors for hackers.


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  1. Andrej

    Thank you for these tips! I always remove the Hello Dolly plugin and the default WordPress themes from every new WP installation that I create. I also try to keep all my plugins and themes up to date.


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