How to Cache and Boost WordPress Performance

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For caching internal resources the only thing you will need is a plugin, there is a bunch of them outhere, but I like to use WP Fastest Cache

Download it and install it in your site, then go to the plugin settings and simply check the box Enable Cache

Well, once you made this you will notice a new icon at the top WordPress bar, click on it and click on “Delete Cache”.

Go to run a new test of your site at GTMetrix, Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights and you will no longer see the Cache warning!

This handy plugin got a few more options to speed up your site, like combining css and js, activating gzip or even remove emojis and all are included in the Free Version!.

I didn’t try the Pro version so I can’t tell, but for Caching purposes the Free one will  work perfect.

Why Probably you will Keep Seeing the Warning

Most of today’s websites are using fonts from google fonts, connected to google anlytics or any other analytic platform or retrieving external resources in another way.

Is not possible to “cache” external resources such as google fonts, facebook pixel, google analytics and so on…

External resources are cached by their owners. That mean there is no fix for that, so think aobut what you really need in your site.

This doesn’t mean there are other ways to get same result, reducing the amount of external resources.

Fixing Google Analytics

I’ve been using the next plugin: Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS).

It worked like a charm for me, simply install it , go to the settings and paste your Google Analytics ID and check the box of position the tracking code in the footer.

You Just Improved your Site Score Congrats!

That’s it for today, in the next tutorial I will show you what you can do about the fonts and how to load them in the best way!



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