How to Fill the Pattern in the Contact Form

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Divi, Light Side


A contact form module.

1. Message Pattern

This is a must to do in every form made in Divi in order to receive all the data submitted by the user.

We can customize the message and order the data as needed.

The form module by default has some premade fields and each one has a unique Field ID.

All the fields must have a Field ID, those ID are used in the pattern to define the structure of the message.

This how to use those ID names inside of the Pattern:

Wrapping around percentage double symbols like: %%myid%% the ID Names is how this works.

The rest of the message you can fully customize it for your necessities.

As I said this the basic form,l if you add more fields be sure you add a ID and then add it to the Pattern.


    • Nico Master

      Hi Camila, if u followed that and my tutorial and sill doesn`t work I suggest you to contact your hosting to check if the email is working? Or can you acces to it? Just in case the email you need to use is tmh like whatever@mydomain… !

  1. Lynda

    Is there any way to increase the text size in the message sent – so when it lands in outlook or whatever, the font size is bigger?

    • Nico Master

      Hi Lynda , sorry for the late reply, I haven’t tried that, I got a small idea and perhaps I can make it work. I’ll make a test and come back. But perhaps you can give a setting on the email app to increase the font-size?


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