How to install WordPress locally – XAMPP Tutorial

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Light Side, WordPress


XAMPP ( Download here )

– Latest WordPress version ( Download here )


1. Download an install XAMPP. During the installation you will be asked about to install BITNAMI, feel free to do it or not. I don’t use it.

2. Open XAMPP app and the control panel will pop up (see pic).

3. Start Apache and MySQL services with the Actions Column.

4. Find the path to XAMPP in your computer. As you can see on the pic my XAMPP installation directory is “c:\xampp\”. Probably will be the same for you. You can check it in the first line of the log in your XAMPP Cpanel.

5.  Inside the XAMPP folder look for a folder called htdocs.

6.  Lets create a new folder inside htdocs, and give it your project name.

7.  Uncompress WordPress and move all the files inside to your new project folder.

8. It’s time to create a new database! Let’s back to XAMPP Cpanel, look for MySQL row, next to the start/stop buttons, there’s an option “ADMIN”, click on it.

9.  A new browser window will show up and open MySQL. Look for the button “Databases”. Click on it. Create a new Database with the name of your choice.

10. Time to click under “ADMIN” on the Apache row of XAMPP Cpanel, a new window in your browser will show up with the XAMPP welcome page, if you look at the URL of the browser you will see something like : localhost/dashboard/ remove from the url the Dashboard and replace it with your project name you choose on step 7. WordPress installation process will begin. We will be asked to type our Database name (step 9) , a username that will be “root” and a password that we will leave blank.

There you go! Your WordPress is ready to customize!.



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